Comments, Compliments, Complaints and Appeals

Here at Dianthas we aim to be the best we can. However, we know at times things do go wrong and when they do, we need to know. This will help us resolve our error and ensure everyone’s experience with ourselves is positive. We actively encourage feedback because we love to hear from our customers, good and bad. We are always learning and striving to find ways to improve what we do. Further details can be found in our full policy, attached below.


What is the difference between comments, compliments, complaints and appeals?

A comment is making a quick suggestion or giving us feedback about our services. These are important, often spur of the moment opportunities to tell us how we are doing, where no formal investigation is called for.

Comments help us:

  1. learn from quick and brief feedback.
  2. Take feedback anonymously
  3. Receive feedback


A compliment is telling us about aspects of great services received. This could be from  a vocational  coach, IQA, administration, resources, compliments help us to:

  1. Praise and recognise a member of the team who go above and beyond their normal duties to make a difference to customers;
  2. Identify processes that work well to make a difference to you
  3. Know that we are doing somethings right
  4. Offer the best service to you for the money spent on it.


A complaint is telling us about something that has gone wrong. It could fit with one or more of these descriptors:

  1. Concern about the quality or appropriateness of a service
  2. Timeframe for response
  3. Quantity, frequency, change or cost of a service
  4. Attitude, conduct or behaviour of one of our team members
  5. Appointments made and not kept by one of our team members
  6. Refusal to answer reasonable questions
  7. Misleading or unsuitable advice from one of our team
  8. Accessing services

This above list is not exhaustive. There could be many other things that would fall under a complaint. For ease and clarification if for whatever reason you feel that you have been treated unfairly or are distressed or angry over any aspect of our services do let us know so we can resolve the matter and prevent others from undergoing similar situations and feeling the same.


An Appeal is when a decision has been made that is not agreed with, generally related to an assessment decision of one of our vocational coach’s or entry onto a programme. This could include:

  1. Rejected application for a programme
  2. A grade received for an assignment
  3. Rejection of submitted work
  4. Outcome of an observation
  5. Request for further information after completing an assignment
  6. Feedback received from vocational coach


Providing us with your feedback, good or bad

Feedback an be made through our dedicated Comments, Compliments, Complaints and Appeals form below. By telephone on 0151 647 1406,  when calling just ask to speak to one of our Quality Assurance Team. Or in person at our office, do just give us a call to make sure we are in.


We love feedback

Complaints, Comments, Compliments and Appeals
Permission to share this information on our social media sites and website further details please see our privacy policy on how we use this information.