Starting a Programme

What you need to know before starting you learning journey.

Enrolling onto an Apprentice Programme

We understand that enrolling on any course is scary – the unknown always is! 

That is why before you enrol you will need to attend on of our Apprenticeship Inductions. This will provide you with an understanding and awareness of the programme, its requirements, and the necessary commitment. So, if you have not already attended an induction – book here. When booking please ensure you – 

1. Have been put forward by your Employer 

2. Are not on any other course or attending a College

3. Will be available for the entire length of the programme.

Once you have completed the induction, if you still feel the programme is for you, you will be processed onto our On-Boarding.  On Boarding allows us to identify your current level and your starting points. On Boarding is an assessment process and covers 6 areas, see below. If you have any questions, just ask and remember the only stupid question is the one not asked


So you have booked your induction, this is a virtual meeting with one of our team. This is not an individualised meeting it is an induction to what an Apprenticeship programme is. Covering all levels. Why an Apprenticeship, who it is designed for, what is so good about being an Apprentice. Talking about skills, knowledge and behaviours that will be developed on programme. Your commitment to the programme and what you should expect from us and your company when you start your apprenticeship programme.

Enrolment Form

This one is pretty self explanatory, This will be an electronic form where we will gather all the relevant information from you to get you registered on the correct award.
Obtaining all of these details ensures we have the right person and also any contact details for you to obtain any qualifications gained. We also use this information to check on any prior qualifications that you may have.

Maths Assessment

Every learner enrolling on a course with us will need to complete the initial and diagnostic assessments in maths even if you have prior qualifications. You will be emailed a link to this website and your login details. You can also access it here providing you have your login details. link below takes you to the website. Once completed let us know as we can gain access to your results.

English Assessment

Every learner enrolling on a course will be required to complete the initial and diagnostic assessments in English even with prior qualifications. You will be emailed a link to this website with login details. You can also access it here providing you have your login details. Click the link below. Once completed let us know as we can gain access to your results.

Side by Side

This is a short e-Learning course, covering 4 modules around Fundamental British Values, Staying Safe Online, Radicalisation and What can you trust?
This is based around the government prevent strategy. You will need to create your own account for this step. The course is multiple choice for each topic and will require a pass mark to gain certificates. Once completed don't forget to email us your certificates also attach a picture of yourself, preferably an ID badge or unfiltered picture.

Aspirations and Overview

Here you can write a little about yourself, why you have enrolled onto the course. what you currently do in your job role. Tasks you carry out on a regular basis. Where do you want to go? What you want to be? Is there a specialist area that you would love to develop? Learning difficulties, mental health, Dementia?
So many options become available with a qualification where do you want to go?

All done?

Completed all the above? After completing these steps we will then assign you to one of our Vocational Coaches who will arrange to meet up virtually and work through and complete your programme profile, you can then discuss your programme further and choose your optional units. Your vocational coach will then want to carry out the baseline observation. We are here throughout your programme to support and guide you. We understand and know a lot can happen whilst on a course so remember our welfare pages. 

Programme Profile

When you have completed your Onboarding, you will be assigned your Vocational coach. They will arrange with you to complete your programme profile, discuss your preferred learning style, discuss the programme duration and identify the correct optional units that will suit your company and current job role. This is an overview of your whole programme and will keep a track of your progress. A sample is in the link.

Baseline Observation

Finally, you have completed the onboarding, and have a completed programme profile, your Vocational Coach will now arrange to come and watch you at work, consent for this will need to gained by yourself, the client/s and your employer. It will show us your strengths and the areas you need to develop. This gives the coach a great insight into your development needs for your learning journey.