Dianthas aims to

Professionalise social care standing and reputation within society through high quality education and training.

Dianthas Vision 2021 - 2025

By 2025 we aim to be the provider of choice for employers and apprentices looking for high quality education and training in social care. 

As well as:

  • Develop high quality standards, expectations and capability in all staff and services.
  • Deliver outstanding teaching and learning and assessment that is rigorously scrutinised by governors and external quality audits.
  •   Have educated employers, apprentices and society on their understanding of apprenticeships and the value they provide to organisations.
  • Deliver outstanding apprentice provision in all regions we work in.
  •  Increase the numbers of employers and apprentices we are delivering to.
  • Increase the reputation and professional status of social care to apprentices, society and communities.
  • Work to support the economic recovery of our communities and society.
  • Continue to increase the number of apprentices achieving distinction grade in end point assessment.
  • Develop high expectations within our learners and apprentices and celebrate achievements. 
  • Build financial resilience by extending services and regions we currently deliver to.
  • Develop apprentices to obtain well-defined knowledge, skills and behaviours to enable them to be informed, well rounded and capable practitioners.
  •  Develop apprentices who are resilient, confident and prepared for the next steps in their personal and professional development.
  • Develop learners who will be competent role models and champions for social care.
  • Develop learners who will understand the complex roles and responsibilities of social care and its value to the wider community.
  • Develop learners who are self-motivated and have passion for life long learning.
  • Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our provision.
  • Develop digital capability of services, staff and apprentices.
  • Extending environmental sustainability by reducing further our carbon footprint in all aspects of delivery.

Dianthas Values

Our values is as much based on our personality and characteristics as it is how we want to be seen by employer, apprentices and key stakeholders.

  1. Honest we have created a culture whereby all staff, employers and apprentices feel empowered to be honest in all aspects of their development, expectations and experiences.
  1. Respect we have created a culture whereby everyone feels respected and is deeply embedded in all aspects of provision.
  2. Self-Belief we promote and value the development of self-worth through creating an environment of can do that encourages people to see beyond their doubts and other peoples perceptions and expectations.
  1. Professional we ensure all social care workers understand the professional nature and status that these roles and priorities demand. Supporting learners to understand that the roles required are vitally important, extremely clinical, technical, always complex and highly professional.

We will deliver our Vision by:

  1. Inspiring staff to be innovative and confident in the learning and development they deliver.
  2. Embedding innovation and teamwork in all aspects of our provision.
  3. Working with employers, key stakeholders, learners and government to professionalise social care.
  4. Developing strong effective governance and systems to ensure leaders and managers retain clarity and vision through support and challenge.
  5. Enhancing the use of digital technology to enhance teaching learning and assessment.
  6. Continuing to extend high quality services, facilities, resources and infrastructure to meet the needs of service provision.
  7. Providing links to other institutions to widen the approach for information advice and guidance.
  8. Continuing to develop links and partnerships with stakeholders to promote and widen the opportunities and avenues to customers.
  9. Incorporating all recommendations and strategies set by government to enhance apprenticeships, social care and life long learning.
  10. Continuing to emulate high professional standards in all aspects of our services.

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Mandy Connick

Mandy has worked in the health and social care sector for over 30 years and made it a mission to improve services and the training needs of new and existing care workers...

Leah-Jane Foster

Leah-Jane has worked for Dianthas since 2013 and has taken on numerous roles and responsibilities. Leah-Jane is responsible for all of our administration...

Lynne Holmes

Lynne has worked for Dianthas since 2018 and has a great deal of knowledge in the training sector and delivering health and social care training. Lynne is one of our...

Kimberley Mead

Kimberley has worked for Dianthas since January 2020. Kim is one our Vocational Coaches and has a lot of experience within the Health and Social care sector...

Andy Russell

Andy has worked for Dianthas since 2017 and is our dedicated maths support, Andy works alongside Vocational Coaches with the functional skills side of the...

Darren Hawes

Darren has worked for Dianthas since March 2021. Darren is one of our Vocational Coaches and has a lot of experience in the health and social care sector...

Katie Miller

Katie has worked for Dianthas since 2014. Katie is part of the Administration team. Katie has obtained her level 3 apprenticeship whilst working here which has...


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Shannon Williams

Shannon has worked for Dianthas since January 2021. Shannon is one of our residential childcare vocational coaches and has a lot of experience within this sector...

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