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Looking for Dropbox or Zoom

Quick links to external sites.


Unfortunately, Edmodo decided to close its doors on the 22nd September and here at Dianthas we are currently trying to find an alternative. All the information and guidance you need will be put in Dropbox. Ask your Coach if unsure. 


Zoom is the online video calling system that we at Dianthas use. Clicking the link enables you to download the App and create your account ready for your sessions.  Any problems downloading this or accessing Zoom ask your Vocational coach they should be able to help. 


Create your account here to access your programme profile, download the App and use it for storing your documents, assignments and this is where you will find your programme profile. Your learning journal and some of your guidance materials. 


This is the old resource system Dianthas was using for all your resources to help you complete your course. We moved to Edmodo then which closed its doors so we are using Dropbox temporarily until we find an alternative program that suits both our and your needs.  


Here at Dianthas we put your well-being as a high priority. A link to all the useful contacts, our safeguarding team, if we can’t support you or you know someone that needs help, you will find some useful websites and apps that may be able to help if we cannot. 


The online resource for your initial and diagnostic assessments in Maths and English. Your login will be emailed out once you have attended your induction and completed your induction. If you use this link you will need your username and password that was created for you by our admin team.