Safeguarding Learners

Safeguarding and Welfare

Safeguarding Policy

Dianthas is committed to the protection of all learners and adults at risk. The policy is grounded within the legislation, good practice and moral obligation to safeguard the welfare of all learners at risk who are in receipt of education, training and care through Dianthas, vocational settings, placements, excursions and or trips. The focus of the policy is the safeguarding and protection of learners at risk.

Through the policy Dianthas aims to:

  1. Minimise risks to the health and well-being of all learners at risk
  2. Promote safe practices and challenge poor and unsafe practice
  3. Identify instances in which there are grounds for concern about learners at risk’s welfare and take action to keep them safe
  4. Enable learners at risk to raise concerns relating to safety and for those concerns to be actioned
  5. Take appropriate action to prevent unsuitable people working with our learners at risk
  6. Ensure staff receive annual and appropriate training and supervision in relation to Child Protection, Safeguarding, e-Safety and Prevent.

Should you have any concerns about safeguarding, learners should contact a member of the safeguarding team. The team is available to discuss things in confidence. However, should information shared reveal that a learner or someone else is at risk of being harmed, the team may need to pass it on to the appropriate team. Contact 


Just want to talk?

At Dianthas we also understand that people do struggle from time to time and just want to talk to someone. Give us a call and ask for our lead safeguarding officer or click on the link below which has a list of other services that may be able to help.